What I Do


Card game illustration, Background art, Cover art and Key art.

Concept Art

Character concept art, environment concept art,  and prop design

Sketches and Studies

Random tidbits of  sketches, paint studies and  speed paintings 


I am a self-taught illustrator and concept artist from South Africa, currently employed as a full-time Concept artist at Beyond Games Johannesburg Studio whilst doing freelance art on the side.

I have been working professionally as a digital painter since 2013 and enjoy working with fantasy-based art with a painterly or semi-realistic style. 



Project Sin

delving into my passion for storytelling, so I’m pushing to do more with my art and develop additional skills, delving into a bit of world-building and storytelling,

Project Sin is a dark fantasy tale set in the world of sin,  a vast medieval inspired world filled with turmoil and heartbreak.

Told mainly in the form of a comic book series or graphic novels.


My opinion of AI generated art 

Unfortunately, AI Is part of our lives now,  it will undoubtedly change the artistic world, I am still trying to wrap my head around it, I have experimented with Midjourney and continue to do so, knowledge is power.

However, I do not rely on AI nor do I use AI in the production of my art, for personal, legal, and moral reasons,  I am old school and have a certain respect and love for process and tradition, especially in drawing and painting.
AI is a crutch and will be a deterrent to the growth of any artist.

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